iOS 17.3 Brings In The Unity Wallpaper To Mark Black History Month

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Jan. 29, 2024: As per the latest reports, the iOS 17.3 update was rolled out on Monday this week. It’s quite impactful and astonishing at the same time since it’s already the third update rolled out with the release of the latest iPhone 15. But what’s in it? For starters, it has brought the ‘Unity Wallpaper’ to celebrate Black History Month.

With the latest update, users can get the Unity wallpaper that celebrates Black History Month. The artwork itself is super-amazing and brings a great touch to the aesthetics. The Pan African wallpaper represents the Black culture as well as presents a surreal display.


Users can get this wallpaper for iPhones, iPad, and Mac and even for Apple watch. Another amazing thing is that it comes with the perfect resolution for all devices with its portrait orientation. You can easily get the new wallpaper from the Apple’s Unity section, and show your support.

In addition, users can also use the device to stream to the TV directly in selected hotels. Linked devices to the user’s Apple ID will get AppleCare and warranty information too. Plus, there has been an improvement in the crash detection feature present in iPhone 14 and 15.

Apple is renowned for its security features and we can all agree that it’s true. It’s one of the reasons why the fans of Blackberry switched to the iPhone when it got its security compromised. But thankfully, the 17.3 update brings some robust security features too.

It has added the ‘stolen device protection’ feature, offering an additional layer of security to the users. With this update, users can prevent thieves from accessing sensitive information. This will be done by the addition of Touch ID or Face ID requirements for such resources such as iCloud keychain, Apple Card, etc.

Moreover, the feature will also cause an hour delay as well as add an additional two biometric scans, making it difficult for any unauthorized person to operate the device. The update was highly focused on providing security to the users in case of theft.

Thieves would later acquire passwords and lock the users out of the Apple accounts while accessing financial accounts, emails, and other sensitive information. Most importantly, if any user finds out the passcode and steals the device, the added protective feature will keep them at bay from accessing sensitive information.

Apple Music players will now be able to collaborate with others using the playlist. From inviting friends to add more songs to the playlist to sending emojis on them, users can do much more than just listen to music.

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The good thing is that this update was initially introduced in the beta for the 17.2 update; however, it was officially rolled out in this one.