Attorney-General Garth Wilkin Advocates for Aspiring Female Jurist

The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

Attorney-General Garth Wilkin highlighted the exemplary role of female leaders within the judicial system of the Eastern Caribbean during the recent Ceremonial Opening of the EC Supreme Court Law Year.

In his address, Garth Wilkin, representing OECS Ministers of Justice, celebrated the accomplishments of the Honourable Dame Janice Pereira, Chief Justice, who is poised for retirement after a period of transformative leadership. He underscored the pioneering reforms that have fortified the region’s legal framework under her tenure.

Honorable Claudette Joseph, Attorney-General of Grenada, expressed similar sentiments, attributing positive strides in judicial innovation to the collective brilliance and dedication of female jurists. Speaking on behalf of OECS Attorneys General, she advocated for the empowerment of young women to aspire to such esteemed positions within the legal field.

The event, held under the banner “Innovation and Justice Reform – The ECSC Looking to the Future,” casts a spotlight on the Court’s unwavering commitment to progress and modernization. This year’s New Law Year Ceremonial Opening proceedings in Grenada will be succeeded by the Court of Appeal’s first session for 2024, setting a precedent for the continual evolution of judicial practices within the OECS Member States.

Attorney-General Garth Wilkin urges society to recognize and celebrate the intellect and grace that female jurists contribute to the legal profession, inspiring the next generation to dream without bounds and pursue excellence relentlessly.