“We’ve Got to Take Back the Streets,” Says Top Police Official

Superintendent Merclyn Hughes, Head of the Stategic Intelligence Unit

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  The Senior Member of the Police Brass is calling on parents to step up and play their part in stemming violent crime among youth.  

Head of the Strategic Intelligence Unit Superintendent Merclyn Hughes is challenging parents to be present in their children’s lives, to know the company they keep and the activities that they may be involved in and being lured into.

“A lot of what is going on it takes place even in the confines of the home,” she said Wednesday, speaking on the government’s Working for You radio programme.

“We have to control our families.  No longer can we allow the children to just be running and raising themselves,” she admonished.

“Check your children’s’ rooms.  Check your children’s’ bags.  Know who their friends are.  Go inside their cell phone.  Take away the cell phone randomly.  Check and see who they are associating with.  Get involved in the PTAs.  Go to the school.  Find out what your children are doing.  We are losing the battle with our young children.”

Hughes appealed to the public for its cooperation.  Reining in the violent crime is not just a policing issue, she asserted.

“Six homicides in one month is ridiculous.  We’ve got to take back the streets.  It is more of us…than them, and collaboratively with the Church, with the school, with the guidance counselors whoever it may be.  You see something, say something…we’re begging you…we have got to take back our country, and make St. Kitts and Nevis a safe place to be.”

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