Weather Update For Wednesday, 24th November 2021

The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

Present Weather: Fair skies

Winds: A light breeze of 5mph from the North

Temperature: 23?C / 74?F Humidity: 90%

Sea Level Pressure: 1014.6mbs or 29.96?

Sunrise: Tomorrow, 6:21am Sunset: Today, 5:35pm

Weather Forecast Valid until 8 am Tomorrow.

Winds: East-southeast today becoming east-northeast tonight where speeds will be less than 10 mph, becoming calm and variable at times.

Seas: Not exceeding 1.5 metres or 5 feet.

Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis: Weather today: Mostly sunny to sometimes partly sunny with a 20 percent or a slight chance of showers; becoming 40 percent or a moderate chance this afternoon on the western side of the island due to daytime heating.

Weather tonight: Mostly fair conditions.

Eastern Caribbean Forecast: Across the southern Windward Islands, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, a line of moisture and instability will see unsettled weather during the next 24 hours. Showers will be intermittent today and expected to become more frequent tonight. Across Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, a cold front moving into this area will result in unsettled weather beginning today for Puerto Rico and more so tonight for the Virgin Islands. The rest of the Eastern Caribbean will be dominated by a high-pressure system with generally settled weather expected. Additionally, a slack pressure gradient will see light winds across the entire Eastern Caribbean.