U.S., Afghanistan concur with outlines of post-2014 security


KABUL, Afghanistan — The United States and Afghanistan agreed Saturday on a draft deal that would keep some U.S. forces in Afghanistan past next year, but only if Afghan political and tribal leaders agree to a key U.S. demand that American troops not be subject to Afghan law, Secretary of State John Kerry said. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the framework security agreement meets his demands regarding counterterrorism operations on Afghan soil and respects Afghan sovereignty. The U.S. demand to retain legal jurisdiction over all remaining U.S. forces will be put before a loya jirga, Mr. Karzai said. He plans to convene the Afghan tribal consultation body next month. “Tonight, we reached…

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British economy is driven by ease of doing business -- Fitton

WITH the world financial crisis of 2008 negatively impacting most economies, the need to attract businesses becomes even more vital. Speaking at the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s (JSE’s) National Investor Education Week’s Leadership Discussion Luncheon held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel earlier this month, British High Commissioner to Jamaica David Fitton […]