Shenseea Trolls Queen Ifrica For Saying She Can’t Be Face Of Jamaican Women

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Reggae artist Queen Ifrica is displeased as she slams dancehall artist Shenseea and Adidas for picking her as the face of the new Jamaica 2024 away kit for the Reggae Boyz and Girlz football teams.

The artist was featured in promotional photos and videos released this week, showing her posing in the new kit alongside members of the Reggae Boyz and Girlz teams. Adidas designed the kit for the Boyz ahead of their 2024 Copa América games.

While many celebrated Shenseea’s selection as the ambassador for the international sports brand, others, like Queen Ifrica, were displeased that she was chosen as the team’s face.

In a video released on Sunday, Ifrica goes on an expletives-laden rant as she curses at Shenseea and Adidas.

“Dirty Shenseaa you can’t be no bloodcl**t face of Jamaican woman outta Jamaica guh suck unu self and gwey. Go do it for Korea or which part you bloodcl**t blood line deh,” Ifrica says, referencing a recent video in which Shenseea speaks about her Korean heritage. The artist’s mother is Jamaican of African descent, and her father, who is unknown to her, is Korean.

However, it seems that Queen Ifrica believes that Shenseea shouldn’t have been selected because she is mixed, and instead, Spice would have been a better option.

“Nobody weh born deh ya nah go just come feel like unnu ago come create no culture because unnu born down yah. Ah really and truly, if unnu ago gi anybody else face of Jamaica, Adidas, ah Spice you shoulda bloodc**t make she do it because she ah the truest representative of a Jamaican woman, ah just true she ah eediat make she end up end up where she end up,” Ifrica said.

She added, “Ah, years me a try show her (Spice) say guide yourself properly that you can come to sit down on your rightful place. Shenseea more popular than Spice? So how come a Shenseea a draw fah.”

In the meantime, Shenseea doesn’t seem bothered by Queen Ifrica. In a video posted on her Instagram account, the artist showed that she was traveling and enjoying a peaceful Sunday. She appeared to troll Ifrica with her song “Lioness on the Rise” playing in the background.

Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major, also endorses Shenseea’s video, writing, “BIG MOOD for Sunday!!! No matter the journey my peeps keep going. God a God only he can judge us. just keep pushing forward to be a better person for your self and you love ones happy Sunday!!!!”

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