Latin America’s Vaccine Shortage Hits Economic Revival as Pandemic Rages – The St Kitts Nevis Observer


Reuters- Latin Americans, hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic, are struggling to get vaccinated, a threat to the region’s fragile economic recovery as lockdowns tighten amid a dangerous surge of infections and rising death tolls. The region of some 660 million people has recorded almost 30% of the world’s 3.2 million COVID-19 deaths to date, despite […]
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‘Descent Into Hell’: Kidnapping Explosion Terrorizes Haiti - The St Kitts Nevis Observer

Sarah Marsh Reuters A wave of kidnappings is sweeping Haiti. But even in a country growing inured to horrific abductions, the case of five-year-old Olslina Janneus sparked outrage. Olslina was snatched off the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince in late January as she was playing. The child’s corpse, bearing signs […]