Dominican Government Minister Resigns Over Alleged Sex Scandal


St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): An alleged sex scandal said to involve a 15 year high school girl and three prominent citizens has led to the resignation of Dominica’s Minister of Public Works Ian Pinard.

Pinard, who was also responsible for ports, said Wednesday he was resigning as a Cabinet minister in light of what he said are allegations of inappropriate behavior made against him.

He made this statement yesterday.  “In recent days allegations of serious inappropriate behavior have been made against me in the media and elsewhere in relation to matters which the public rightly is and has been most concerned about. I believe I have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to you to address you on this matter.  In light of these allegations, I consider my continued presence in the cabinet can adversely impact the important work this government is doing and must continue to do for the people of Dominica. In order to allow me to more appropriately address the allegations against me and also in order to focus on other very important personal matters I have earlier today tendered to the Honorable Prime Minister my resignation as a Minister of Government with immediate effect.”

Reports in Roseau have described the three men alleged to have sexually abused the teenager in separate incidents as a businessman, a government minister, and an opposition parliamentarian.

One of the three, the businessman has already been detained by police who are investigating the alleged scandal.

Journalist Carlisle John Baptiste and radio talk show host Matt Peltier broke the story on local radio Q95 on Monday.

For more on the alleged scandal we spoke to John Baptiste Thursday morning.


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