Chile’s Pres. Piñera Faces Impeachment Bid After Pandora Papers Claim – The St Kitts Nevis Observer


BBC- Chile’s opposition has launched a bid to impeach President Sebastián Piñera over possible irregularities in the sale of a mining company, after details emerged in the Pandora Papers leak. Mr Piñera used “his office for personal business”, congressman Tomas Hirsch said as he presented the accusation in the lower house of Congress. The president […]
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Brazil: Claims that Healthcare Firm Used COVID Patients to Test Bogus Treatments - The St Kitts Nevis Observer

BBC- A Brazilian healthcare provider is accused of giving unproven drugs to Covid-19 patients and conducting experiments on elderly people without their relatives’ consent. The allegations have been linked to deaths that, families say, could have been prevented. Katia Castilho’s grief keeps her awake at night. In March, Norberto, her […]