BVI Expects To Get Covid-19 Vaccine From UK, But Anti-Vaxxers May Opt Out If They Don’t Believe In Vaccines. – The St Kitts Nevis Observer


ROADTOWN, BVI–The Virgin Islands and other Overseas Territories like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are expected to receive any COVID-19 vaccine procured by the United Kingdom. BVI Governor Ausgustus Jaspert has announced that the United Kingdom government will ensure the vaccine will be shared with the OTs. According to the Governor, the Minister for Overseas […]
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Covid-19 Deaths Numbers Game Becomes Material For Conspiracy Theories In US. - The St Kitts Nevis Observer

Victoria Knight and Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News–November 2, 2020 In the waning days of the presidential election campaign, President Donald Trump complained repeatedly about how the United States tracks the number of people who have died from COVID-19, claiming, “This country and its reporting systems are just not doing […]